Im Grün

Adlerstraße 6
79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

Unicorn Music recently opened its doors in the Belfortstrasse 31 in the Freiburg Altstadt. We want to celebrate our emergence by joining in the annual "Im Grün Street Festival" on May 1, 2019.

Live music and other special guests are planned for the festivities starting at 4 pm and continuing until 10 pm. We are pleased to have two local bands headlining our event — Seven Purple Tigers (Indie Rock Powerhouse) & Maxoom (Freakish Blues Rock).

“Seven Purple Tigers”, formerly known as “The P.A. System” is Freiburg’s own Indie-Rock powerhouse. Founded in 2015 by American frontman Austin Horn and German guitarist Philip Dyszy during a year in Krakow, the band writes and plays their own brand of original music in a wide range of styles. Inspired by a variety of groups, from The Smiths to the Foo Fighters, the “Seven Purple Tigers” have a unique sound that one has to hear for one’s self. With intricate bass lines, powerful yet artful vocals and guitar playing, and highly danceable drum grooves, a night with SPT is guaranteed to have something for everyone to enjoy!

Maxoom — The Freakish Blues Band from Freiburg channels the spirit of Flower Power in their interpretations of rock classics from the 60s/70s. Lead singer and guitarist Bernhard Justus is matched with Sven Lück (drums) and Love Person (Bass) in this power trio. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes!

Our concept at Unicorn Music is to establish a "Creative Commons Space" where artists of every genre and direction can present their creations to the community. We offer space for you, an artist, to participate in this vision. Whether it is through musical performances in our weekly concerts and jam sessions or in exhibitions, which are displayed for longer periods, just drop in and unleash your inspirations with us over a cup of tea. 

Konzerte auf dem Straßenfest im Grün
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