white rabbit

79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

The maniACTs and Fachschaft Anglistik have teamed up to bring you all together for an epic party at White Rabbit. What are we celebrating? Pussy Power, duh.

Bring your friends and dance through the night with us, powered by 1/2 of yours truly Skinny Bitch DJane Team (Kamikaja) and Special Guest Sonjetschka.

Also: Come to the party and pay the PUSSY PRICE. Only there, the maniACTs will be selling a very limited amount of tickets for the Vagina Monologues shows at a reduced price of 4 €. That means you have 1 € more to spend at the shot bar – and only one decision to make: The Blood or The Flood?

Admission: 4 € before midnight / 5 € after midnight

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