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haslacherstraße 25
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Slow Club Freiburg präsentiert: WITCHING + MONUMENTS TO MISERY

Formed in 2017 from the throes of Philadelphia, WITCHING have emerged as one the underground’s most exciting bands to watch out for. The band’s sound has evolved into genre-bending, nightmarish, blackened melodic death metal that embraces and embodies the fusion of pitch-black intensity through black metal, sludge, post-metal, and more. With a handful of independently released EP’s, singles, and a full length album under their belts, a new lineup featuring Jacqui Powell (vocals), Nate Zagrimanis (guitar), Tatiana Buonassisi (bass), Samantha Hyla (drums), and Hazel Whitman (guitar),

WITCHING are calling out to unify the masses by bludgeoning their way into a world where everything is formulaically stacked against them. WITCHING is marking their own path and marching head-on into a hellish ouroboros of self-destruction and self-discovery to share triumph and perseverance.



Am gemeinsamen Ende all unserer Tage steckt auch immer ein Anfang. So sehen es auf jeden Fall MONUMENTS TO MISERY aus Offenburg/Freiburg: "The dawn of our beginning is the dusk of your ending." Antifaschistische Dystopie, verpackt in einer Schwarzen Kruste, in welchen es den richtigen an den Kragen geht! Irgendwie doch heilsam und hoffnungschenkend \m/!


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Einlass/Abendkasse: 20 Uhr
Beginn: 21 Uhr

AK: 10,-/8,- (für Mitglieder)

Der Slow Club wird während der Konzerte rauchfrei sein.
Begleitpersonen von Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen erhalten kostenfreien Einlass.

Blackend Doom Sludge
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