KTS - Kulturtreff in Selbstverwaltung

Basler Straße 103
79100 Freiburg im Breisgau

Basler Straße 103 79100 Freiburg

Double Job from Leipzig + Two Boys from Halle = twice (or four times...?) the fun in the KTS on Thursday the 8th of June from 9 p.m. never mind the math, just come and bob your head with us!


Two Boys (Garage Punk)

"2 scofflaws from hell"



Double Job (No Wave/Post-Punk)

"Double Job combines peeps from other famous Leipzig Bands like Maraudeur, Dolphins, Planets are on it. Sometimes they remind of early records of Abwärts (but stranger!) sometimes of recent bands like Toyota - you can't deny there is a strong 80s DADA-MUSIK vibe. Vocals are either in French or German, sometimes both. We hear single notes over grooving bass lines and minimal drumming, when suddenly dissonant parts break in. After releasing a HIT - tape on U-bac, Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu? and Was Wir Tun in 2019 - they re-recorded some songs and added a few at Chefetage in 2020 now we are happy to finally release this 12’’ together with RedWig/Coolax/ArvoDisques/rds rec hh."



🚭 Please don't smoke anything during the concerts just go outside or wait!

🤝🏼 Have your boundaries been crossed, or have you experienced or witnessed discriminatory behavior, come and talk to the people at the bar. We will do our best to assist you. To make sure everyone can have a good time, please take notice of this.

🦽 Unfortunately, the KTS is not autonomously accessible with a wheelchair and there are several architectural barriers. The concert space is accessible via a steep ramp and three steps or a set of stairs. The toilets are not barrier-free. The steps of the stairs are visually marked though and there won't be any strobo lights or smoke machine.

🚋  And no, the KTS still has no parking lots. Public transportation: tram 5 or bus 11 / Pressehaus. Please do not park your bikes on the turnaround area in front of the house.



Tour Poster von Two Job am 06. 06. in Bern am 07.06. in kreuzlingen am 09. 08. in Sankt Gallen und am 10. 08. in Kreuzlingen
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