79106 Freiburg

What do you need?

- First a lot of energy! And enthusiasm for making a nicer world!
- Paper
- crayons

What are we going to share?

- What is permaculture and dragon dreaming
- Your internal designer
- Dragon dreaming connection
- Permaculture design considerations
- Design techniques
- Dragon dreaming steps
- Making a design with real data

For whom is the workshop relevant:
Those who want to gain new perspectives and people who just heard about permaculture but don’t know much about it and want to know what it’s and for what it’s useful.

General understanding of permaculture, the methodology of dragon dreaming, how to develop a project, design process and you will know the base of how to design a sustainable place.

Extra information: the workshop is given in English.

Please send us an email to confirm your assistance so we can have an idea of how many people will come.

Organized by

Sustainable Lands

Email: sustainablelands.info@gmail.com

No fees, only donation
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