Slow Club

haslacherstraße 25
79115 Freiburg

SUDETEN CRÈCHE was created by Paul Carlin and Yvette Döll in 1980 as an artistic idea. It took music form in late 1980 in Britain, with experimental sounds and tape loops containing a mixture of human voice, short-wave radio interference and synthesisers: let us call it an avant-garde, which influenced a lot of artists. Sudeten Crèche’s ‘Are Kisses out of Fashion’ and ‘Dance’ quickly went to No. 7 in the UK Independent Singles Chart and 43 in the mainstream BBC Singles Chart. Sudeten Crèche are currently releasing new material, produced by original Döll and Carlin and will play those new and the very best of old songs on that magic night.

The set will include for the very first time their brand new record „NOTHING IS TRUE“ as well as the set from the ’83 Nico gig.




by two Strasbourg based Djs, called „LES MUTANTS ONT DES OREILLES“ bringing pure minimal synth wave – DANCE! 
We love them – and you will, too!

Sa 20. April | Tür 21 Uhr | 10,- / 8,- (für Mitglieder)





Avant-Garde mit aftershow
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