Theatersaal Uni Freiburg / Literaturhaus

Betoldstraße 17
79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

“Does this even matter?” sighs the author putting down the weary pen. A moment of silence inspects the wild webs of doubt, desire and existential intertextuality sizzling on the paper. It circles the dimly-lit study twice and evaporates through the door leaving Molu Safelu dead. 

The Lost Writings of Molu Safelu is an original play-performance-thing weaved by five young (over)thinkers. This experimental piece invites for a journey of mischievous perceptions and unanswerable questions eager to be proved wrong. In a multitude of distinct voices, it ponders about understanding, connection and the Self whilst problematising the border of reality and performance. The Lost Writings of Molu Safelu invites the spectator-reader-witness to come in and think along. 

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