Slow Club

haslacherstraße 25
79115 Freiburg

So 17. Juni | Tür 20 Uhr | 9,- / 7,- (für Mitglieder)
E, the trio of Jason Sidney Sanford (Neptune), Thalia Zedek (Come, Uzi, Live Skull) and Gavin McCarthy (Karate) make angular, energized, and idiosyncratic rock music. These accomplished and inventive musicians could not be more different in the way they express themselves but their egoless dedication to ensemble playing and writing shapes E’s distinct sound. Their second album „Negative Work“ (release: May 25, 2018) is the product of three individuals whose dedication to the collaborative process may very well be the source of compelling tension underlying their songs. 


Indie, Post-Rock, Noise
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