Slow Club

haslacherstraße 25
79115 Freiburg

is the Electric Electric drummer’s solo project. 
His intention is to release a minimalist, bewitching and sometimes dancing music. 
Rhythm is here melt with cold, dark, disturbing sounds. 
This cosmic dream can remember at time first Burial’s or Pole’s EPs. 
Made with an electronic drum and effects pedals, this music is sometimes played with an acoustic drum for live gigs or mixes.

Weitere Infos: cesarpalaceband

mit Stirnband & 
Valentin Eka [Needsome] &
OTTōn [YASS] stirnband valentin_eka

Eintritt: € 6,00 | € 4,00 (für Mitglieder)

Konzert, DJ | Rhythm, Cold Dark Disturbing Sounds
Type of Event