vaubanallee 2
79100 Freiburg

Hallo Lieber

months ago I started Jamming on my own in "Ze" Keller! a trashy Amp from the 70's, a loop-station, delay, some distortions to destroy the ears!! and some thoughts in songs or poetry slam ; about love, politic and "Heimat", in Deutsch, Arabisch, Fransosische and English, some interpretation for songs from the countries where I used to live! depending of the mood a Greek Rebetiko song, a French chanson, some arabo-andalusian music or Gnawa music aus Algeria etc...

Because this coming freiday 8. Dez. will be for many raisons the last Phonoscope before a while, I had invited Accuario Cosmisco to play, they are GREAT, but they canceled because it is like this! So I think now that is the best moment for me to try my Solo :) without pretension in a place I know, in front of people I know !!!
so, If you have Loost auf eine Premiere Solo zu hörren komm vorbei in dem Susi Café am 8. December ab 21:00 Uhr. dann after the concert all the musicians they want to come to Jam they are welcome.

Ein Heiss DJ is prepraparin his play list, and want to make some noise late in the evening in the Keller of Susi Night Club, the Best Club, home made Club in Freiburg! and because it is winter and it is healthy to dance you are more than welcome this Friday ;)

All the Best

Salam mein Lukum

Solo Hadji Baba Ahmed
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