Lörracher Straße 9
79115 Freiburg im Breisgau

Lörracherstraße 9

„Music from the Guest Room“ was born with Phonoscope Nacht Concert-Session in Freiburg; where music lovers, professionals or amateurs, perform a live concert followed by a Jam session, open and free. The different background of each musician, participate to create a new sound adventure: jazzy, groovy, smooth, contemplative, old or new, no borders, chaos or ordre, a touching experience of live music full of a lovely surprises.

This time, Music from the Guest rRoom are : the Oud player Hadji Ahmed, Thiombane Beuz/ Percussionist, Klaus Wallmeier/Drums, Philipp Gerhart/E-Bass and Kontrabass, Philipp Herlyn/Trompete/Key Board.

Verschiedene Freiburger Musiker haben sich zu einer Fusion Muzik und Improvisation zusammen gefunden.
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