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Phonoscope Nacht volunteers are glad to present for you on the 8th of
January a special Concert as a Freiburg special the concert in „Susi“.
After one set of „Corso“ a session will be open for GUESTS...

Santiago Cordoba percussionist of the well known „Violentango“ ( http:// ) – ambassadors of the new tango movement -, has put
on a different set of skins and strings to perform his Solo concept „CORSO“:
A kaleidoscope of various percussion instruments, loops, samples, piano,
guitar.....but most of all his musical soul itself.

to hear the New Album from Santi :

Corso music is thoroughly composed, well structured, yet sometimes
surprising in breaks or sudden interchanges, held together by a general
elegance, a light pulse and Santi`s intense way to play (that we all
remember from the Violentango shows, that came across as an impact rather
than a mere concert...).
Some of his compositions date back to his pre-Violentango times in 2004,
others are just recent – after all: „Corso“ shows Santi´s personal
developement, as a parallel universe to his career in the modern tango
(where the use of a percussionist is still considered „avantgarde“).

After „giving birth to the corso“ in various concerts in Buenos Aires,
Santi now dives into his first European Solo-Tour; well.... „solo“ is not
always correct: the „corso“ is open to guest performers, such as the
Amsterdam based pianist Nico ........... or the Freiburg family (Bella
Nugent & Schroeder).

Hertzlich Welkommen

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